Bomidi Hair Dryer Negative Ion Blower

BOMIDI Anion Hair Dryer

Negative Ions Care For Hair Built-in negative ion generator, release a high concentration of negative ions, neutralize static electricity, smooth the edgy, close the scales, and make the hair smooth.

High-quality Motor For Quick Drying Of Hair 1800W high power, wind speed up to 13m / s, can quickly dry hair.

Double-layer Isolation Tuyere To Avoid Burns The 360-degree rotating wind vents add an isolated outer layer to reduce skin burns during the styling process.

Three Modes Of Air Temperature Switch Including strong hot wind, low hot wind and cold wind, can meet different needs.

Safety Protection Built-in high-sensitivity temperature-controlled fuse and active over-temperature protection device automatically activate power-off protection when the temperature exceeds the safe range.

High concentration of negative ions moisturize the hair, upgrade the styling experience, 20 million negative ions per cubic centimeter
the hair does not knot, and awakens the hair's self-healing energy.
450g weight, perfect lightweight design, easier storage, compact and portable.

Neutralizes static electricity, hydrates hair, plumps hair and is easy to comb
1800W high power, the wind speed of the air outlet is as high as 7.4m per second, and it cooperates with drying, modeling and care.

Strong wind to improve dry hair efficiency. Bass noise reduction wind temperature airflow.
Taking care of each hair, EHD heat distribution technology.
Does not burn hair
Ultra-long PVC power cord, 1.8m length can stretch freely.
Dust-proof metal protective net to prevent foreign matter from entering.
Wind power required for free switching. double safety temperature control protection.


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